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ATJ Food Product (M) Sdn Bhd (known as ATJ) was incorporated in April 2008 and the nature of business is manufacturing Cili Boh under the branding of SUJI’S A1 Cili Boh. The Company strictly adhere to the “Food Act 1983 & Food Regular 1985, with no artificial coloring and flavoring. The main ingredient used, dried chilies, are of very high quality and without stem. Currently, ATJ is expanding its business by manufacturing Pure Cili Paste, as well.

Mr Palani, is the active General Manager, in charge of managing sales and marketing strategy. He has managed to convince and secure substantial orders during his early days of business operation, due to his emphasis on quality. He personally monitors the stocks and has reliable suppliers who ensure that the qualities of the products are sustained. Over the years, ATJ has built good reputation with its customers who are entrusted and in fact the General Manager and the Marketing Officer occasionally travel to the distribution companies to inspect the product delivery and display. ATJ’s products are sold at very reasonable and affordable prices. The prices are fixed after taking into consideration of the customers’ satisfaction and competitors price.

ATJ Food Product (M) Sdn Bhd under the dynamic leadership of its directors and management team always emphasizes on enhancing the marketing strategy due to the rising competition within the similar nature of business and customers’ absolute awareness in terms of product knowledge. The Company Directors’ ensure that the products’ quality are thoroughly monitor and checked before delivering to customers’ destination. The Directors also personally assume responsibility for marketing and management of the Company and they are directly involved in the day-to-day operation of the business. This ensures commitment is given priority and ultimately customers’ interests are protected.

The Company is planning to increase its existing sales volume and in order to cater the rising demand, the company is making plan to locate its current storage facilities to a larger premises. The Company is also in the verge of securing finance facilities, which will support its business expand (import) in the near future. ATJ has dynamic, hardworking and dedicated management team and production workers who are provided with on the job training and sent for a compulsory course – Kursus Pengendalian Makanan, conducted by Pusat Latihan Pengendalian Makanan NAS, which is recognized by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. This is to enable the workers to upgrade their skills and obtain product knowledge..


In the mission to expand its business, ATJ has its own objectives to achieve:

  • Acquire storage facilities with necessary equipments to store the supplies
  • Acquire more lorries to ensure goods are supplied to customers just in time and ultimately reduce cost significantly on the long run
  • To penetrate and source new markets outside Kuala Lumpur vicinity especially on the northern region such as Penang and southern region like Johor and Melaka


The Company’s visions amongst others are to:

  • Create customers’ confidence and provide quality products at all times
  • Give priority to customers’ complaint (if any) and maintain 0% level complaints
  • Quality of products are protected and have 0% level of rejection


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